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Milana Hendricks, is a graduate of George Mason University. She has a BA in Arts and Visual Technology. Her major is New Media Art with her primary focus being graphic design. She started getting into artistry in 2013 and landed on Graphic Design as my major in 2014. Her first project was a series of selfies mixed in with digitized artwork. She used 15 selfies and a hand drawn artwork. Her focus has been on branding lately as she officially started a business in April of 2020,  It's a clothing line by the name UrbanUnicorn. UrbanUnicorn is a small apparel business. Milana strives to make the clothing as unisex as possible so everyone can be apart of the UrbanUnicorn brand. An UrbanUnicorn is someone who is unique, outgoing and even outlandish. Not confined or constrained by today’s standards. Not afraid to stand out and be uncommon among the common.  Having her own business has really pushed her towards branding and marketing as she has to do it for her own business. She gets to design all the clothes as well as design the marketing that surrounds it and she finds the branding to be way more fun than even designing the clothes. 

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